Completed Ph.D. Projects

Denmark: Ph.D.,, cand.mag, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox E-mail: Ph.d.-projekt: Thinking in Action, Re-thinking Life – Socratic Dialogue with People in Cancer Rehabilitation (abstract in danish and english) Full thesis can be obtained upon request to Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, submitted July 2015 Publikationer i PURE Sygeplejerske, cand. […]


Konference om “Helende processer” 31.10-01.11 2011 September 6, 2011 Fra konferencebeskrivelsen: Vi har bare så smått begynt å forstå hvilke virkningsmekanismer som settes i sving når mennesker helbredes – enten gjennom medisinsk behandling eller som noe «uforklarlig». Med denne samlingen håper vi å komme litt nærmere en forståelse. Vi har blant annet fått med oss […]

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Post-Conference Resource Page

About       Program Resources       Keynote Videos       Photos       Press Coverage This page features the ressources from the International conference on Research in Faith and Health in Secular Society 17-19 May 2010.   The conference took place from the 17 of May 2010 in the Congress Center of The University of Southern Denmark on Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense, the City of Hans Christian Andersen.   […]

Post-Conference Resource Page

About      Program Resources      Keynote Videos      Photos      Press Coverage

Keynote Videos

About      Program Resources      Keynote Videos      Photos      Press Coverage [one-half-first] 17.05.10 10:00 Welcome and Introduction 18.05.10 12:30 Panel Discussion 18.05.10 12:30 Panel Discussion State of the Art in Research in Religion and Coping by Kenneth Pargament 19.05.10 15:00 Summary and Conclusion 19.05.10 14-00 Tor Johan Grevbo [/one-half-first][one-half] State of the Art in Research in Faith and Health by […]

Post-Conference Resource Page

About      Program Resources      Keynote Videos      Photos      Press Coverage This page contains the ressources from Conference on Research in Faith and Health in Secular Society: 17th-19th of May 2010 These ressources are organized in posts / spaces for each presentation that you can select by clicking the title of the presentations below. They may contain: 1. Presentation abstract […]

Background and motivation

A) Background The relationship between faith and health has been a relatively ignored subject within Danish health care research. However, recent years have shown an increased focus on the field, among other things inspired by growing international research activity. Several sociological studies confirm that approx. 65% of the Danish population believes in a deity. The […]