Assistant / Associate Professor in Groeningen, Holland

Dear All,  I would like to remind you of this job posting. They did not find a suitable candidate and are now searching through personal contacts, so there should be good chances for those who are willing to move to Holland: The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, seeks to appoint an […]

Implementation of spiritual care

References about the development of spiritual care in Denmark:  1. Assing Hvidt E, Hansen DG, Ammentorp J, Bjerrum L, Cold S, Gulbrandsen P, et al. Development of the EMAP tool facilitating existential communication between general practitioners and cancer patients. Eur J Gen Pract. 2017:1-8. doi: 10.1080/13814788.2017.1326479 2. Assing Hvidt E, Søndergaard J, Ammentorp J, Bjerrum […]

Challenges in the human component of caring for patients

Here is a seminar at Odense University Hospital that will interest many.  It is the inaugural seminar of adjunct professor Steven Feldman with the following program:    Introduction and welcome Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, Head of Department of Clinical Research University of Southern Denmark ”Improving patients’ satisfaction with care to improve their treatment outcomes” Steven Feldman, […]

Wonder in Qualitative Research and Practice-based and Existential Phenomenology

Dear Network for Research in Faith and Health,  Here is an invitation to a seminar at Ålborg University November 15-17 that will interest many of you at! Best,  Niels Christian For more information, contact Network member, Prof. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen.  Registration no later than November 1, 2017 Program for Seminar on Wonder in Qualitative Research and […]

Nordic Seminar on Spiritual Care and Existential Communication in the Health Care System

Dear All, Please join us for the next network meeting in Denmark: Nordic Seminar on Spiritual Care and Existential Communication in the Health Care System Theme: Why is spiritual care and existential communication mainly reserved to palliative teams in hospices and hospitals? We want with this conference to ask how and why spiritual care and existential […]

Next Meeting of Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health (Norwegian/Danish)

Kære Kolleger, Det næste møde for Nordisk Netværk for Forskning i Tro og Helbred finder sted umiddelbart efter den næste (og tiende!) Nordiske konference i Religionspsykologi i Honne (se beskrivelse her), dvs 18.-19.oktober 2016! Dette skjer, som de foregående årene, på Honne konferansesenter på Biri i Norge. Vi håper du setter av datoene allerede nå, da […]

Ph.d.-defence by Christina Prinds 19 March 2015 14:00

Emne:     ”Moderskab, tro og eksistens – eksistentiel meningsdannelse hos danske førstegangsmødre” Tid:         Torsdag, den 19. marts 2015 kl. 14.00 Sted:        Auditoriet, J.B. Winsløws Vej 25, st., 5000 Odense C Bedømmelsesudvalg: Professor Ellen Blix, maternell og reproduktiv helse, Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Norge Professor Søren Holm, Institut for Medicin og Sundhedsteknologi, Aalborg Universitet og School […]

Next Conference in Psychology of Religion in Honne, Norway 19-20 Oct

The Annual Nordic Conference on Psychology of Religion October 19-20, Honne, Norway Death – as existential experience and clinical challenge We have the pleasure to wish you welcome to the Ninth Annual Nordic Conference in Psychology of Religion. This year the main issue will be Death – as existential experience and clinical challenge. Main speakers […]

Next Nordic Network Meeting in Istanbul prior to IAPR 2015

Dear all, At the last Nordic Network meeting in Norway, we decided that it would be a good idea to have the next Nordic Network meeting in Istanbul, before the IAPR conference begins. We plan to have this meeting from the 16th August at 9:30 onward, possibly initiating with a dinner on the 15th and […]

Ph.D.-Defence by Dorte Toudal Viftrup on “Personal Crisis: Religious coping and transformations”

PhD Oral Defence Session Subject:    ”Personal Crisis: Religious coping and transformations” Date:         Friday 27 February 2015 at 14.00 hrs Venue:    The Auditorium, University of Southern Denmark, J.B. Winsløws Vej 25, 000 Odense C Committee of Examiners: Professor Valerie DeMarinis, History of Religions and The Social Sciences of Religion; Psychology of Religions, Department of Theology, Uppsala […]