Assistant / Associate Professor in Groeningen, Holland

Dear All,  I would like to remind you of this job posting. They did not find a suitable candidate and are now searching through personal contacts, so there should be good chances for those who are willing to move to Holland: The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, seeks to appoint an […]

Wonder in Qualitative Research and Practice-based and Existential Phenomenology

Dear Network for Research in Faith and Health,  Here is an invitation to a seminar at Ålborg University November 15-17 that will interest many of you at! Best,  Niels Christian For more information, contact Network member, Prof. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen.  Registration no later than November 1, 2017 Program for Seminar on Wonder in Qualitative Research and […]

The Research Unit of General Practice, Department of Public Health, invites applications for a position as professor in spiritual care with particular focus on cancer

The Research Unit of General Practice, Department of Public Health, Syddansk Universitet, will soon accept applications for a professorship in spiritual care with a particular focus on cancer. I know it’s a bit late to announce this since the applications are due to 15th of december but I thought anyway it might be of interest to some […]

Nyt (og bedre) notifikationssystem på siden

Kære kolleger, Efter mange udfordringer med det forhenværende notifikationssystem, har vi nu fået et nyt, som hedder MailChimp. Notifikationssystemet sørger for at notificere de tilmeldte bruger (subscribers), når der er nyt indhold på siden. Det burde virke nu, og giver os dermed mulighed for mere vidensudveksling indenfor, og integration af, Nordisk Netværk for Forskningen i Tro og Helbred. […]

Ph.D.-Defence by Dorte Toudal Viftrup on “Personal Crisis: Religious coping and transformations”

PhD Oral Defence Session Subject:    ”Personal Crisis: Religious coping and transformations” Date:         Friday 27 February 2015 at 14.00 hrs Venue:    The Auditorium, University of Southern Denmark, J.B. Winsløws Vej 25, 000 Odense C Committee of Examiners: Professor Valerie DeMarinis, History of Religions and The Social Sciences of Religion; Psychology of Religions, Department of Theology, Uppsala […]

New Web-Page for Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health

Dear Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health, This is the first e-mail update sent from our newly designed and updated web-site The old site, ended up being too cumbersome and much work has been done to simplify and make information accessible and easily shared on the new site. We hope you like the new […]

PhD-study in Diaconia, Values and Professional practice

Kjære nordiske kontakter i religionspsykologi/religion og helse, Jeg oversender denne informasjonen om det nye PhD-programmet  ved Diakonhjemmet høgskole. Vi håper å kunne levere bidrag til vår felles samtale om religion og helse og religionspsykologi generelt. Vi arrangerer kurs og seminarer som bl a framgår av nyhetsbrevet, og tar imot deltakere både til enkeltkurs og hele […]

3rd European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health 17-19 May 2012

The 3rd European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health 17-19 May 2012 will focus on spiritual care. The keynote speakers approach the topic from their specific professional background, aiming to enhance the interdisciplinary dialogue between medicine, neuroscience and theology. The Bern Lecture is offered by Prof. Eckhard Frick, Professor for Spiritual Care at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in […]

REMINDER: Nordic Cancer Rehabilitation Symposium, September 20th-21st 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

We would like to remind you that on September 20th-21st 2010 The Danish Cancer Society, the Scandinavian Journal Acta Oncologica and the National Research Center of Cancer Rehabilitation will host the Nordic Cancer Rehabilitation Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark. This symposium offers an opportunity to gain more insight into subjects related to cancer rehabilitation including: – […]

Protected: Med – eller uden – Gud i sygesengen

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