Society without God

“Society without God” is a new book by the american sociologist of religion Phil Zuckerman. “Society without God” describes Phil Zuckermans researchproject about Denmark and the religiousness of the Danes. Why are the Danes less religious than the rest of the world? And how can their society work anyway? These are some of the questions […]

New book about the Danish mentality and institutions

“I hjertet af Danmark” (In the heart of Denmark) is a new book about mentalities and institutions in Denmark written by Peter Gundelach; Hans Raun Iversen; Margit Warburg. Hans Reitzels Forlag, København 2008

Does Mountains move Faith?

New book of the meaning of life; of religion and health: Christoffer Johansen and Niels Christian Hvidt (ed). Gyldendal 2008. For more information: