Do We Have a Case? International Conference on Case Studies Research in Chaplaincy Care February 25-26, 2019

Do We Have a Case? International Conference on Case Studies Research in Chaplaincy Care Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 25-26, 2019  Please be aware of this very interesting conference of the new Academic Centre for Spiritual Care in Holland in February 2019 – see more here:  

Møde for Nordisk Netværk for Forskning i Tro og Helbred

Kære venner og kolleger, Næste år vil den nordiske konference for religionspsykologi – vanen tro – blive afholdt i Honne. Selve konferencen finder sted d. 22.-23. oktober. I forlængelse af denne, nemlig d. 23-24., vil det  være netværksmøde for det Nordiske Netværk for Forskning i tro og helbred. Dette var blot en hurtig opdatering, sådan at man […]

Invitation and Call for papers

The second international conference on The Impact of Religion: Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy will be held at Uppsala University, Sweden, April 24-26th, 2018. The Impact of Religion conference offers an interdisciplinary forum for sharing recent research on the role of religion in both the public and the private sphere – locally, nationally and […]

Wonder in Qualitative Research and Practice-based and Existential Phenomenology

Dear Network for Research in Faith and Health,  Here is an invitation to a seminar at Ålborg University November 15-17 that will interest many of you at! Best,  Niels Christian For more information, contact Network member, Prof. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen.  Registration no later than November 1, 2017 Program for Seminar on Wonder in Qualitative Research and […]

IAPR Conference 2017

Dear colleagues, The 21st-24th of august, 2017, the International Association for Psychology of Religion (IAPR) will once again organize their bi-annual conference, this time in Hamar, Norway. The programme presents with several prominent researchers in the field of psychology of religion, among others Dr. Valerie DeMarinis, Uppsala University, Dr. Tatjana Schnell, University of Innsbruck, Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard, University […]

Tilmelding til årets Netværksmøde i Norge

Så er det muligt at tilmelde sig årets netværksmøde for Nordisk Netværk for Forskning i Tro og Helbred. Netværksmødet finder sted i Honne, fra den 18. til den 19. sept., og ligger dermed i forlængelse af årets Nordiske Konference for Religionspsykologi, som arrangeres af Sykehuset Innlandet. Praktiske oplysninger kan findes her, hvor også tilmelding kan ske. […]

Nordic conference on psychology of religion in Honne, Norway, 17th-18th of October, 2016

From the 17th to the 18th of October, 2016, Sykehuset Inlandet HF will once again host the Nordic Conference on Psychology of Religion in Honne, Norway. The focus of this year’s conference will be cultural understanding in treatment and health promotion, with a special focus on the Cultural Formulation Interview from the DSM-5. One of […]

Next Nordic Network Meeting in Istanbul prior to IAPR 2015

Dear all, At the last Nordic Network meeting in Norway, we decided that it would be a good idea to have the next Nordic Network meeting in Istanbul, before the IAPR conference begins. We plan to have this meeting from the 16th August at 9:30 onward, possibly initiating with a dinner on the 15th and […]