Danske patienter intensiverer eksistentielle tanker og religiøst liv

Læs artiklen Danske patienter intensiverer eksistentielle tanker og religiøst liv fra Ugeskrift for Læger nr. 21/2008. Skrevet af religionssociolog og akademisk medarbejder Nadja Ausker, religionspsykolog, post doc. Peter la Cour, hospitalspræsterne Christian Busch, Henning Nabe-Nielsen og Lotte Mørk


Introduction: The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether Danish patients have existential and religious thoughts and if these thoughts are intensified by illness and hospital admittance. Furthermore, we wish to investigate if patients have a higher degree of religious practice during illness and hospital admittance.

Materials and methods: 480 patient-handled questionnaires containing questions on patients’ thoughts about health, beliefs, and religion. Questions on the patients’ experience of changes, activities and needs are analysed separately.

Results: Patients themselves more often think about the meaning and purpose of life, and have increased religious activities. The largest changes are seen in women and in the patients under 36 years.

Conclusion: Danish patients intensify their thoughts about the purpose of life, beliefs, life and death, and become more religious during illness.

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