Ny Hjemmeside for Nordisk Netværk for Forskning i Tro og Helbred

Dear Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health,

This is the first e-mail update sent from our newly designed and updated web-site www.faith-health.org. The old site, www.tro-helbred.org ended up being too cumbersome and much work has been done to simplify and make information accessible and easily shared on the new site. We hope you like the new site. The old site will remain active for a few more months but will not be updated anymore.

Many thanks to David Jakobsen and Matthew Burnett for the technical work.

Many thanks also to Lærke Yssing who has been in touch with most you obtaining information on the present status of your work and done the editing and updating of various lists and pages.

And thanks to all of you who have provided updated information for the page.

The pages that in particular concern you are the pages with concluded and ongoing ph.d.-projects in http://faith-health.org/?cat=3.

If any of you find information that needs to be updated, please let Lærke know at: larke.yssing@gmail.com.

And if any of you have information on new articles, upcoming events or whatever else might interest other Network members, kindly inform Lærke as well.

Finally, as you will se in another update, the next Meeting in the Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health will take place in – Istanbul, preceding the conference in August of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion. More news will follow.

Best wishes and greetings,

Niels Christian