Næste Religionspsykologiske Konference i Honne, Norge 19.-20. oktober

The Annual Nordic Conference on Psychology of Religion October 19-20, Honne, Norway

Death – as existential experience and clinical challenge

We have the pleasure to wish you welcome to the Ninth Annual Nordic Conference in Psychology of Religion. This year the main issue will be Death – as existential experience and clinical challenge.

Main speakers are James W. Jones , Kathleen Bishop, Owe Wikström, Tatjana Schnell, Valerie DeMarinis, and Oddgeir Synnes. Others will present in workshops, parallel sessions, and clinical seminars.

Death is a core theme in most religions, as well as in psychology and other human sciences. On the conference the focus will not be on mourning processes, rather more on the meaning making regarding the inevitable fact that death is a part of life, a human basic concern. How do we as humans make meaning of death while living? What are the relationships between death anxiety and religion? How can different ways of thinking about an afterlife (Christian, Atheist, Esthetical) contribute to make sense (or not) of life before death? What characterizes seriously ill persons’ identity constructions regarding living and dying? Can Buddhist traditions shed light on Western ways of existentially dealing with death?

And furthermore, how can insights from existential meaning making and psychology of religion be helpful for clinical work? These and other questions will be addressed.

In addition there will be workshops, parallel sessions, culture performances – and as always – lots of room for meeting and talking with old and new colleagues.

Further information will come on the web-site of Center for Psychology of Religion. www.religionspsykologi.no.

Final date for registration and submission of paper (150 words): September 20th.

Welcome to the Nordic Conference!

Organizing committee: Lars J Danbolt, Sigrid Helene Kjørven Haug, Ingvild Vattø, Elin Opheim, and Tor-Arne Isene.

Reference group: Hilde Hanevik, Torgeir Sørensen, Hans Stifoss-Hanssen, Gry Stålsett, Kari Halstensen, Caroline Austdal, Peter LaCour, Heidi Frølund Pedersen, Valerie DeMarinis, and Lars Lien.

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