Seminar on Spiritual Care and Existential Communication, Post-seminar page

The 14th of november the Nordic Seminar of Spiritual Care and Existential Communication was conducted at the University of Southern Denmark. The key speakers was Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, Carlo Leget and Niels Christian Hvidt who all contributed with a talk on their field of research.

Carlo Leget, vice-president of the European Association for Palliative Care and professor at the University of Humanistic Studies,  focused in his talk on how the medieval tradition of Ars Moriendi can be applied to understand how spiritual care can be integrated into health care. On the basis of the medieval Ars Moriendi tradition, Carlo Leget has developed a model – or maybe more precisely retrieved a tradition – that might help people in modern, especially North Atlantic, cultures to evaluate their attitudes toward living and dying, based on five themes: autonomy and the self, pain control and medical intervention, attachment and relations, life balance and guilt, death and afterlife.

A video-recording of Carlos presentation is uploaded to Youtube and can be found here and his slides here.

Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, who is professor at the Center for Dialogue and Communication and Aalborg University, talked on the theme of philosophical practice as the fourth dimension and vice in spiritual care and existential communication in health care. In his talk that was read-out-loud from a manuscript on the subject he discussed questions such as, ‘how do we give voice to the existential and spiritual dimension in professional healthcare?’ and ‘how do we practice existential and spiritual communication and caring in ordinary health care?’ based on Husserl’s, Heidegger’s, and Levinas’ and Marion’s phenomenological philosophies.

Video-recording of Finn can be found here and his slides here.

Niels Christian Hvidt, associate professor at the Research unit of General Practice, took us through a selection of projects by danish researchers in the field of religion and health and also introduced us to his own research. In the latter, Niels Christian Hvidt talked about his collaborative research on a large cohort of Adventists and Baptists and their health compared to the general population’s. He also introduced his research on two epidemiological opposing forces which he coins Faith Moves Mountains and Mountains Moves Faith, that describes respectively the tendency of religious people to be more healthy both in regards to physical and mental health, and the tendency of disease to increase religiosity. Furthermore, he presented at large international projects on physicians’ values.

Niels Christian Hvidt’s presentation can be found here and his slides here.

Video-recordings of the discussion at the end of the seminar where all three speakers are contributing is available here.

We hope in the future to have more of these kinds of seminars so be sure to check you e-mail and regularly to stay tuned on coming events.



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