Invitation to participation in survey by EAPC

Dear network members,

An austrian colleague, Professor Piret Paal from the Paracelsus Medical University and member of the board of EAPC (European Association for Palliative Care), has asked us to participate in a survey on palliative care.

The survey has been developed in a collaboration between WHO European Region, the EAPC Reference Group on Palliative Care Education and Paracelcus Medical Private University, and is purposed to strengthen and develop the field of palliative care education. In this regard, Piret has invited us – the members of the Nordic Network of Research in Faith and Health – to participate in the survey whose purpose more specifically is to evaluate the core elements of palliative care.

More information on the whole project as well as a link to the survey can be found here.

Enjoy the weekend!


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