New article on patients’ perspectives on causes of illness and roads to healing

Associate professor, Master of Arts, PhD at Roskilde University Tove Elisabeth Kruse published in December 2009 her senior researcher project entitled ‘Interpretation of illness and use of history. A patients’ perspective on causes of illness and roads to healing’. Bibliotek for Læger, 2009, vol. 201, p. 432-459. Read the article in danish. Abstract: In this article the interpretation […]

Conference concerning religious psychology in Norway, 6-7 May 2010

Religionspsykologisk senter i Sykehuset Innlandet, Kreftforeningen Innlandet og Norsk religionspsykolgisk fagforum (NRF) arrangerer dette års norske religionspsykologiske fagkonference: Kropp og sjæl i behandling og rehabilitering. Om eksistensielle temaers uttrykk og funksjon hos mennesker med sykdom og helseplager, 6.-7. maj 2010. Pdf-brochure kan downloades her. For flere informationer se:

Centre concerning religious psychology in Norway

Innlandet hospital in Norway has established the first centre concerning religious psychology. Click here to see the website of the centre.

The Modum-Bad clinic in Norway

The website of the Modum-Bad clinic in Norway is interesting for the members of the network, as the clinic among other things initiates and hosts conferences with focus on religious psychology and exsistential and religious themes

New PhD thesis on the faith of Copenhageners

A new PhD thesis by sociologist of religion Ina Rosen examines the faith of Copenhageners. Click here to read more about the thesis in the danish paper Kristeligt Dagblad.

Cancer patients’ existential concerns – Seminar 2

Cancer patients’ existential concerns – seminar 2 is held 29.-30. October 2009. The seminar focuses on cancer patients’ existential concerns, especially in relation to ethics and aesthetics. The central themes will be: patients’ ethical questions and dilemmas in relation to cancer treatment, rehabilitation and palliation, aesthetics in relation to for example hospital architecture, care, treatment, […]

IAPR 2009 Conference on Religious Pychology

Læs mere om den store internationale religionspsykologiske konference: The 2009 Congress of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion 23 to 27 August 2009 – Vienna – Austria

Francis-Louden Mystical Orientation Scale

You can read more about the Francis-Louden Mystical Orientation Scale in this article [TABLE=37] The scale can be downloaded here

Faith Maturity Scale (FMS)

Faith Maturity Scale (FMS) is developed by Benson, Donahue and Erickson. FMS measures the strength of a persons relation to God and it’s influence on social relations. Read more about the scale here [TABLE=32] The scale can be downloaded here

Danish patients intensify their existential thoughts and religious life

Read the article Existential thoughts and religious life of Danish patients in Ugeskrift for Læger nr. 21/2008. Summary: Introduction: The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether Danish patients have existential and religious thoughts and if these thoughts are intensified by illness and hospital admittance. Furthermore, we wish to investigate if patients have a higher degree […]