Palliativ indsats med fokus på mellemmenneskelige og eksistentielle aspekter

Kære Netværk,  Vedhæftede kursus kunne måske være interessant for nogen af jer eller nogen I kender.   Bedste hilsener,  Niels Christian Palliativ indsats – mellemmenneskelige aspekter

Assistant / Associate Professor in Groeningen, Holland

Dear All,  I would like to remind you of this job posting. They did not find a suitable candidate and are now searching through personal contacts, so there should be good chances for those who are willing to move to Holland: The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, seeks to appoint an […]

Wonder in Qualitative Research and Practice-based and Existential Phenomenology

Dear Network for Research in Faith and Health,  Here is an invitation to a seminar at Ålborg University November 15-17 that will interest many of you at! Best,  Niels Christian For more information, contact Network member, Prof. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen.  Registration no later than November 1, 2017 Program for Seminar on Wonder in Qualitative Research and […]

New websites with scales!

Websites with scales on religion and scales on spritualit. In addition articles about the scales. Available here: Scales on religion. Scales on spirituality.

Centre concerning religious psychology in Norway

Innlandet hospital in Norway has established the first centre concerning religious psychology. Click here to see the website of the centre.

The Modum-Bad clinic in Norway

The website of the Modum-Bad clinic in Norway is interesting for the members of the network, as the clinic among other things initiates and hosts conferences with focus on religious psychology and exsistential and religious themes

Other relevant websites

International, relevant websites: Association of Professional Chaplains Theology and Medicine Program (Duke Divinity School) 3rd NationalConference on Spirituality and Health (Adelaide, Australia) Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability (University of Aberdeen) Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life National Chaplain Center Duke Congregational & Parish Nursing Master’s Program Mind-Body Medicine Institute The HealthCare Chaplaincy Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Faith in […]

Milieu for Humanistic Psychosocial Cancer Research

Milieu for Humanistic  Psychosocial Cancer Research University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Public Health, Research Unit: Man, Health and Society, Odense The Milieu for Humanistic Cancer research ( is an interdisciplinary research network established in 2007 on grants from The Danish Cancer Society, the Psychosocial Research Committee. It focuses on cancer patients’ existential questions and problems, […]