Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health

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Welcome to the site. Here the network can collaborate, keep updated on recent news and activities, and share tools and methods for research in faith and health.

Are you a contributor on the site and need help to make a post? Perhaps this guide can help:

Welcome to the new website

The site has been updated so that the content is more easily found, and so that the structure of the platform will be easier to use for all collaborators.

The content is now only in English. This is partly to ensure the relevance for all Scandinavian collaborators as well as international site-visitors, and partly to ensure that there is no language barrier for participation on the site for researchers from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Content is still accepted in all Nordic languages if only published as such.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Reviving the Network!

We will strive to “revive” the Network, so that the platform, the collaborations and the information here on the site feels alive and relevant for the users.

It would be immensely useful, and important in this process, that the collaborators of the network invite new participants from their research groups and add relevant new posts and information from their regions. Not only will this feel engaging but this will also ensure that the network can live on for future generations of researchers in the field of Faith and Health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have content that you want uploaded, new events that you want to be shown here or new contacts that would be relevant to introduce to the network!


Upcoming events

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