International Conference on Spirituality in the 21st Century: At the Interface of Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy, Prague, Czech Republic, March 22th to 22nd 2011


On March 20th to 22nd 2011 the conference Spirituality in the 21st Century: At the Interface of Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy will be held at the Mamaison Riverside Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

The overall aim of the inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference is to examine and explore issues of spirituality in regard to theory, praxis and pedagogy. The conferece encourages professionals from a wide range of professions to engage in sharing knowledge and exchanging perspectives, whether the attendant is engaged in the fields of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation, Business, Counseling, Ecology, Education, the Healing Arts, History, Management, Mass/Organizational/Speech Communication, Medicine, Nursing, Performance Arts and Studies, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Reconciliation/Refugee/Resettlement Project and Social Work. The conference underlines that these disciplines are indicative only, as involvement is welcomed from any area, profession and/or vocation in which Spirituality plays a part.

The main topics to be explored are
– Conceptualizations of Spirituality
– History(ies) of Spirituality
– Interpreting elements and examples of Spirituality
– The Liminal elements and facets of Spirituality
– Research methods for Spiritual Work
– Social and cultural aspects of Spirituality
– Spirituality and Children
– Spirituality Compassion and Reconciliation
– Spirituality and Cultural Identity
– Spirituality and Healing
– Spirituality in Medicine and/or Nursing
– Spirituality as Therapy
– Spirituality in Literature
– Spirituality in Art, Dance and/or Music
– Spirituality in Television and Film
– Spirituality in the Age of the Internet
– Spirituality and Communication
– Spirituality and the Environment
– Spirituality in Hospice Care
– Spirituality and Gaia
– Teaching Spirituality
– Theology and Spirituality – use and/or abuse
– Teleology and Spirituality
– Comparisons and/or Contrasts between Spiritual Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy

The registration fee is £245 and online registration must be done before Friday 26th of November.

Papers, reports, works-in-progress and workshops are invited to be submitted by October 1st 2010. For more information on topics and formatting, visit the Call for papers-section of the website here.

For further information and online registration, visit the website of the conference here.

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