From Basic Research to Intervention Research in Denmark

new presentation (animated by arrows or spacebar) shows the development of the last ten years’ intervention research in Spirituality and Health in Denmark, moving now into intervention research, mainly Existential Communication. 

The research for the first ten years was necessary basic research as it was not possible to “import” research results from more religious cultures such as the US. On the basis of this Danish basic research, a range of intervention studies and quality development projects are now conducted or in the planning. 

To get an overview of the researchers engaged in the basic research in Denmark over the last ten years, as well as the intervention research studies it has paved the way, for we have prepared the aforementioned presentation.

If any of your appearing in it are missing information or you can think of other relevant research not mentioned here please let me know. 

Sincerely yours, 

Niels Christian

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