Videos from Niels Christian Hvidt’s inaugural seminar

On the 15th of December,  Niels Christian Hvidt officially joined the position as Professor of Spiritual care, with a special focus on cancer, at the University of Southern Denmark.

At this seminar, Niels Christian Hvidt had invited Professor John Swinton from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, as a guest lecturer.

Videos from their lectures can be found below. Each video will start upon clicking on them.

Four video-sequences are found below. The first video shows the introduction of Ole Skøtt, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU. The second and third video show Niels Christian Hvidt’s and John Swinton’s contributions to the seminar. The fourth video shows a discussion held in the end of the seminar.

At the end of this page, you will find a fourth video of a talk Niels Christian Hvidt did at OUH Talks. The content of this talk is somewhat similar to the talk he did at his inaugural seminar, although this one is in Danish.

Ole Skøtt: “Introduction and welcome”

Niels Christian Hvidt’s lecture: “Why do we need spiritual care in a secular country?”

John Swinton’s lecture: “Why spirituality is difficult for Westerners: Understanding spirituality and religion in a healthcare context”


Niels Christian Hvidt at the OUH Talks (Danish).

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