Purpose and Activities


The purpose of the Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health is to further the quality and exchange of current and planned Nordic research in faith and health by: 1) creating a forum for exchange of knowledge amongst researchers in Scandinivia and abroad, 2) exchanging ideas and experiences from current and planned projects to further synergy and co-operations on developing methods and collecting data. This is to happen by holding annual interdisciplinary seminars and an international meeting for the participants of the network. The network is furthermore to inspire and strategically promote co-operations on establishing new research projects in faith and health (post-doc and Ph.D.), work together on these projects and jointly or in groups apply for the necessary research funds.


To actively sustain the purpose of the Nordic Network for Research in Faith and Health we are arranging yearly seminars, giving the researchers the opportunity to discuss the interaction between their projects and development of methods within the field. 
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Knowledge Sharing

The Network is furthermore working on the development of knowledge on methods in the field of faith and health in the Nordic Countries. This is done at the above mentioned seminars and on this web-platform which works as an interactive media. More specifically we are developing a concrete Pool of Questions to be used in Scandinavia in surveys, scales and qualitative interview-guides. 
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