b. 1967. Rector at Bramdrup Church, Kolding since 2004. MA : Danish, French, history of religions. MA: pastoral care, University of Copenhagen 2015

Special areas of interest:

  • Hymns and Christian imagery as spiritual medicine
  • Pastoral care
  • Pastors in the primary sector of the health services
  • Supervision of G.P.s and pastors


Author of several books and articles about pastoral care. Co-author of the book “The Frailty of Human Life- Perspectives from a Doctor and a Pastor”. Eksistensen publishers 2020. In cooperation with Inger Uldall Juhl.

Contributor to the anthology “Relations in the Health Services- why and how?” Ed. by Elisabeth Assing Hvidt, Annette Grønning and Jens Søndergaard. Munksgaard publ. 2021. In cooperation with Inger Uldall Juhl.

Editor of and contributor to the anthology “Pastoral Care in Movement – Main Tracks in the History and Practice of Pastoral Care”. Eksistensen publ. 2021. Edited by Lone Vesterdal, Thomas Gudbergsen and Hans Raun Iversen.


Training to become a supervisor in the Danish Folk Church (finishes in 2023)