MA Study of Religion, PhD, Post doc, Interacting Minds Centre, Institute for Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University. External lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Key areas of interests and research: Death and dying Existential and spiritual care Islamic faith among ethnic minority patients Spiritual and religious coping strategies Relational consciousness    

Associate Professor at the unit of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, 5000 Odense, Denmark Key areas of interest and research: Religiousness and health    

Associate Professor, MSc in Psychology, PhD, Department of Clinical Medicine, Research Clinic for Functional Disorders Key areas of interest and research: Validation of the Sources of Meaning and Meaning Life Scale in Danish Acceptance-based psychological interventions among patients with chronic pain or functional disorders Prayer and health among Christians Psychology of religion

Postdoc., MSc, Head of the Knowledge Center for Functional Disorders, Psychiatry Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen Key areas of interest and research: Modern understanding of functional diseases Development and validation of the clinical Sources of meaning card method Acceptance as an existential concept.

Cand.theol., professor,, Research Unit for General Practice, University of Southern Denmark Key areas of interest and research: Religious Coping Faith and Health Theodicy Patients’ belief in divine intervention Professor of Spiritual Care, ThD. Born 1969, ThM 1997 from the University of Copenhagen. Defended his doctorate at the Gregorian in Rome in 2001, published with…


MD – Physician – PhD-fellow – Webmaster Key areas of interest and research: Existential and spiritual needs Near-Death Experiences