New book on spiritual care in Danish

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Here is a book that may be of interest.

Munksgaard publishes a textbook on spiritual care.

Editors: Vibeke Østergaard Steenfeldt, Niels Christian Hvidt og Dorte Toudal Viftrup.

SPIRITUAL CARE describes a cross-disciplinary core service, which is of great importance for how patients and citizens experience difficult living conditions. Historically, spiritual care has been crucial for the work of the health services – not least in the nursing profession. In recent years the concept has been renewed relevance, increasingly also outside of nursing as a central part of the work throughout the modern health care system.

The book shows with examples from both research and daily practice how spiritual care in different ways can be at stake in the health service. It caters to a wide range of students and health professionals – for example nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, midwives, psychologists, doctors, chaplains, imams and others who, in their practice, meet people in situations where professional action towards existential and spiritual issues may be necessary.

SPIRITUAL CARE is written by experts with different professional backgrounds. The book presents general perspectives on spiritual care, but it also describes more practically and concretely what role spiritual and existential issues play when people are afflicted with illness or otherwise are in existentially difficult situations.

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