Thesis by Susan Strang: EXISTENTIAL CHALLENGES AND COPING IN PALLIATIVE CANCER CARE – Experiences of patients and family members

Susan Strang has defended a ph.d.-thesis at the Karolinske Institutet in Sweden in 2008 with the title Existential Challenges and Coping in Palliative Care – Experiences of patients and family members. It is now available here.

She has other interesting article with relevance for the field of faith and health, published with her brother Peter Strang:

Existential pain–an entity, a provocation, or a challenge? (2004)

Questions posed to hospital chaplains by palliative care patients. (2002)

Spiritual needs as defined by Swedish nursing staff. (2002)

Her brother has long published in the field of palliative care with articles relating to existential concerns, see for more info.