PhD, in Psychology of Religion, Department of Theology, Uppsala University and at Södertörns University, certified teacher at elementary school and high school. Key areas of interest and research: health among children and youth existential questions and religion religion education relationships between children  in school For the moment I evaluate the result from a study conducted…

  Professor in pastoral theology, Practical Theology, University of Helsinki    

ThD, Practical Theology, Psychology of Religion, Meaning in Life, Crises, Coping, Emerging Adulthood, Old Age, Palliative care & End-of-Life Care, Spirituality in Nursing, Qualitative & Narrative studies, Visual Methods.  

PhD, MA in psychology of religion, Uppsala University, licensed psychotherapist with a relational- and group analytic psychotherapy orientation, specialized in trauma treatment and existential health. During the last five years, she has concentrated her work on group analytic psychotherapy for young adults at a Therapy Center for young people in Stockholm. Key areas of interest…

MA Study of Religion, PhD, Post doc, Interacting Minds Centre, Institute for Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University. External lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Key areas of interests and research: Death and dying Existential and spiritual care Islamic faith among ethnic minority patients Spiritual and religious coping strategies Relational consciousness    

Associate Professor at the unit of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, 5000 Odense, Denmark Key areas of interest and research: Religiousness and health    

Fereshteh Ahmadi is professor of sociology since 2009. I concluded my Ph.D in sociology at Uppsala University in 1995 I became associate professor in 2001 at the same university. CURRENT RESEARCH An international project on meaning-makning coping Culture and coping Coping och musik  

Associate Professor, MSc in Psychology, PhD, Department of Clinical Medicine, Research Clinic for Functional Disorders Key areas of interest and research: Validation of the Sources of Meaning and Meaning Life Scale in Danish Acceptance-based psychological interventions among patients with chronic pain or functional disorders Prayer and health among Christians Psychology of religion

Researcher at Research Centre for Psychology of Religion, Innlandet Hospital Trust, Ottestad. Associate  Professor at Hedmark University College, Elverum. Key areas of interest and research: Doctoral thesis (PhD): “The illness experiences of older people with incurable cancer in specialized palliative healthcare contexts. The interactions between daily living and existential meaning-making”. MF Norwegian School of Theology 2015…

Innlandet Hospital Trust · Centre of Psychology of Religion Cand. Theol., PhD-fellow